Digital Banking FAQs

When do we launch the new digital banking experience?

October 4, 2023

Our current Online banking platform and mobile app will be unavailable as of September 29th at 4:00 pm.

Why are we upgrading our current app and online banking platform?

Our new platform will deliver exciting new features such as an intuitive interface, streamlined transactions, and personalized financial insights along with an overall improved look and feel.

Will I have to re-enroll?

No. You will use the same username and password you have now. You will then be prompted to change your password with a two-step authentication process (sending a passcode via text or phone). You can use the password that you are currently using now if you do not want to change it as long as it meets the new password requirements. Please make sure that the email address and phone number that we have associated with your account are accurate. This will help to ensure a smooth transition.

Will my Username be the same?

Yes, your Username will remain the same.

Will the current App be updated automatically?

No. The current app will not work as of September 29th at 4:00 pm. We recommend deleting Mobilti after the new platform is launched and installing the IH Mobile app from the app stores when it’s available.

Will my bookmark or favorited site still work?

No. Please remove old bookmarks and go to Select the online banking login and then save the new link. If using the website on a mobile device, please download IH Mobile from the app store.

Will bill pay information convert to the new platform?

The current Bill Pay system will not be available beginning 9/26/23 at 4:00 pm. The new Bill Pay system will go live on 10/4/23. Any payments that are scheduled prior to 9/29/23 will be paid without interruption. No new payments should be scheduled after 9/24/23 until the new system is live.

When we launch the new digital platform, your payees and scheduled payments will transfer to the new Bill Pay system. We recommend upon first login that you review your payees and payments to verify all information transferred correctly.

Your last 6 months of Bill Pay history will transfer to the new Bill Pay System within online banking or IH Mobile. If you need bill payment history prior to the last 6 months, we recommend logging into the current Bill Pay system and downloading a copy of your history to a PDF prior to 9/28/23. Enrollment for new users will not be available for Bill Pay from 9/15/23 until the new Bill Payment system is live.

Will my existing External Transfers be affected?

Yes. Any external accounts will have to be re-linked within the new platform, and any recurring external transfers that you have set up currently will have to be set up again in the new system.

Will I be able to view eStatements on the app and how do I see them?

If you are currently enrolled in eStatements, you will continue to be enrolled in the new digital platform. If statements are combined, remember to view the primary statement to see all accounts. If eStatements are not currently enabled, you can enroll in the new system under the Accounts tab. It will not be possible to view your previous statements within digital banking after this upgrade takes place.

Will my current account alerts transfer over?

No, but you will be able to choose from an updated list of alerts that best fit your needs. There will be some alerts that will be automatically set up for you and will not be able to be removed.

Will my account nicknames transfer to the new digital platform?

Account nicknames you may have set up in the current online banking platform or Mobiliti will not transfer to the new digital platform. We recommend making a note of any account nicknames you may have added in the existing platform so that you can recreate those in online banking and IH Mobile.

Will there be any changes to my accounts or my accounts numbers due to the system upgrade?

There will be no changes to the features of your accounts or your account numbers. However the suffix associated with your account known as your Share ID, such as 01, will be changing. For example, your 01 will now be 1000.

Will the new app offer P2P services (Person to Person)?

A new exciting feature that our new app will allow is for IH Credit Union members to make person to person transfers to another IH Credit Union member. IH Credit Union members will not be able to make person to person transfers to members outside of this financial institution within our app.

What new features will be available in the new digital platform?

  • See all your accounts in one place – even accounts outside of IH Credit Union
  • Quick Balance Feature – see your account balance with a touch of your phone
  • Financial Wellness Tools – keep track of your overall financial wellness
  • Spending Analysis – ability to see and categorize your spending for easier tracking

What do I need to do now for myself to make sure that I am prepared for the digital banking update? We will reach out to you with more information as we get closer to the launch of the new platform.

Watch your email and our website for more details!

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