Convenience Payments

Convenience Payments

If you are located outside our area or just want to avoid writing a check or a trip to the credit union, use our Convenience Payment option to make your payment online.

Submit the payment by 3PM EST Monday through Friday and it will be credited to your account that day unless it is the weekend or a holiday.*

As an alternative to the convenience payments through Billing Tree, we now offer, at no cost, recurring ACH direct transfers from another financial institution directly to your loan payment at IH Credit Union.  In order to take advantage of this free service we will need a completed and signed Debit Authorization form. You can begin this process by clicking the recurring payment button located on this page.  Please keep in mind that the first ACH transfer could take up to 45 days to process and post to your account.  If the transfer is regarding a loan payment please make arrangements to keep your loan payments up to date until the first ACH transfer is processed.  Also, less than full mortgage loan payments will not be posted to your mortgage loan until the full payment has been received.

*Payments submitted after 3PM EST or on a holiday or weekend will be posted on the next business day.

**Only one payment per submission. Payoffs in excess of one payment will not be processed. Payments in excess of $1500 cannot be processed. Call IH Credit Union at 937-390-1800 if you need to make a payment that is outside of these guidelines.