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Do you need "stuff"? We've got money, and our loan rates are among the lowest you'll find.

From signature loans to that loan for your dream house or new car, IH Credit Union will make it easy for you to get the "stuff" you need when you need it!

It's easy to get started!

There are lots of ways to apply for a loan at IH Credit Union:

Credit Problems?

We're happy to help. Click here to learn about our new "Credit Forgiveness" program.

Depreciation Protection

Depreciation Protection kicks in if your vehicle is ever totaled or stolen and not recovered at anytime over the life of your loan. You can now purchase Depreciation Protection at IH Credit Union or when financing a loan with IH Credit Union at a participating dealership. Click here for details!

Loan Payment Calculator

Run the numbers and find out how your payments will fit your budget with our handy Financial Calculators.

Car Loans

New, used, or even refinancing from another lender, we've got you covered with super-low car loan rates. That means lower payments and big savings!

Signature Loans

Are you consolidating bills? Or maybe you need to finance something that falls just a little outside the usual, like a computer, a wedding, or some unexpected repairs. A Signature Loan (some people call it a Personal Loan) is the smart way to handle those "other" expenses.

Mortgage Loans

Please contact our mortgage department with questions!

Matt ext. 306

For current mortgage rates, contact Kate or Michelle.

Kate ext. 135

Michelle ext. 134

Fixer- Upper Home Loans

The "Fixer- Upper" home loan is a mortgage that can be used to purchase and then repair & improve a home that needs a little TLC. Click here for details.

Student Loans

Now there's a better way to pay for college! Our student loans are a great way to fill the funding gaps that Federal aid can leave behind. Learn More >

Business Loans

We are proud to offer business lending! Learn more about our business lending solutions.

Loan Rates

(Last Modified: December 2023)

Type of LoanAnnual Percentage Rate (APR)* Maximum Term**
New & Used Vehicles
(Models 2021 & Newer)
as low as 6.99%
as low as 7.69%
as low as 8.39%
63 mo.
75 mo.
84 mo.

Used Vehicles
(Models 2020 & Older)

as low as 7.99%
as low as 8.69%
as low as 9.39%
63 mo.
75 mo.
84 mo.
New & Used Secured RV Loans (Models 2021 & Newer)
( motorcycles, boats, camper, motor homes, etc)
as low as 8.99%
as low as 9.69%
as low as 10.39%
63 mo.
75 mo.
84 mo.
Used Secured RV Loans (Models 2020 & Older)
( motorcycles, boats, camper, motor homes, etc)
as low as 9.99%
as low as 10.69%
as low as 11.39%
63 mo.
75 mo.
84 mo.
Share Secured Loans 3.00% 36 months
Share Certificate Secured Loans Certificate rate
plus 2.00% APR
Unsecured Loansas low as 10.49%36 months

*Rates subject to change. The actual rate and payment amount will reflect a member's individual circumstance and credit score and may be higher than the rates above.
**Other conditions may apply.***Loan special rates exclude the refinancing of IH Credit Union loans. New money Only.

Credit/Debit Cards

All Credit Card issues:

ATM/Debit Card Service Center

Debit Card Activation:

Credit/Debit Card Fraud Alert FAQs

American Share Insurance


American Share Insurance insures each account up to $250,000. Excess Share Insurance Corporation provides up to an additional $250,000 of insurance per account.




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