Visa Credit Cards

Visa Credit Cards

Most credit cards are all pretty much alike and because all cards work the same way, issuers try to get your attention and your business with card enhancements. Fringe benefits such as cash rebates, retail discounts, discount phone calling or frequent-flier mileage points are just some of the gimmicks used to conceal real costs. Make no mistake… most of the time you pay for these fringes.

What should your credit card strategy be?

The answer… Get an IHCU Visa Classic Credit Card, the no gimmicks credit card. Our Visa Classic annual percentage rate is as low as

12.9% FIXED

and our Visa Platinum annual percentage rate is as low as

9.9% FIXED

and there is no annual fee if you use your credit card at least once per year. You get the same convenience and the same high acceptance from merchants worldwide that you are used to, but at an interest rate that you can live with.